XYL0 – Paige Duddy


XYLO – photo by Nikko Lamare

We were first introduced to XYL0 in 2015 with their EP America. At that time the band was the siblings Paige and Chase Duddy. They toured nationally.
Now XYL0 is a new creation marking the solo career of Paige Duddy. The music is a fun synth pop that is highly addictive. She’s been releasing singles recently including “I Don’t Want To See You Anymore”, “Heaven Only Knows”, and “Don’t Panic”


She is releasing her new song “Tears and Tantrums” this week. FEMMUSIC was honored to speak to her about the new songs, solo career and connection to another artist we know. http://www.xylo-music.com/
FEMMUSIC: I know XYLØ as you and Chase. I wanted to ask what made you want to go solo and keep the same name?
PD: It was an awesome experience being in a duo with my sibling and learning so much about an industry I had no experience in, but ultimately we are 10 years apart and wanted different things in our life. I was lucky enough to continue ( because I was not ready to stop what I had worked so hard for) and he was able to move forward with new things he had been wanting to do for a while. XYLØ is how I’ve always identified myself as an artist. When I decided to release music back in 2014 I knew I wanted to go by XYLØ because I had that name set aside to use for a project for years Chase and I decided to stick with the name when we became a duo. When we parted ways… it felt natural to continue with the project as it is a big part of who I am. Its become my entire life.
FEMMUSIC: I see Zolita directed the “Heaven Only Knows” video. I know you were also writing with her. I interviewed her here (http://femmusic.com/wp/index.php/2017/09/01/zolita/ ). As I recall you were sharing the same management. What has Zolita contributed to your music? What have you taught her and what have you learned from her?
PD: Yes I met Zolita when my manager asked me and Lee Newell (who has written/produced most of my music with me) to write a badass confident anthemic song for Zoe and that’s where “Fight Like A Girl” started… Then from there she flew back from New York to work more with us for her project and we ended up writing most of her EP Sappho with her! From that we became close friends and I asked her to direct some videos for me since her own are so amazing! Since you asked, I texted her and asked her to answer for me haha-
She said, “Working with you has taught me so much about the songwriting process and musical collaboration. You’ve also set an incredible example of how to be a self-made female in the music industry.” (Very kind of her to say).
I have also learned a lot more from Zoe about the LGBTQ community than I did before and that has been really amazing and eye opening. She is a really hard working female who isn’t afraid to go out and make something happen. That has inspired me a lot because she is one of my only female friends who is trying to pursue a career as an artist. It’s nice to be able to confide in someone who understand the
FEMMUSIC: How has your songwriting changed being a solo artist?
PD: As a solo artist I am free to talk about whatever I want. I feel so much more confident in the studio and opening up about topics I didn’t feel so comfortable talk about before. It also feels really great to show my feminine side. That was something I was afraid of doing too much before.
FEMMUSIC: You’ve now released 3 singles, “Heaven Only Knows,” “Don’t Panic,” and “I Don’t Want to See You Anymore.” What’s coming next? EP, Album, Tour?
PD: More singles, music videos and some tour dates up soon!!
I would love to release an album next year (:
FEMMUSIC: Who produced the songs? With “America” you produced yourself. What do you look for in a producer?
PD: I worked with some amazing producers :
The Electric/ Lee Newell- IDWSYA,
Jimmy Harry/ Lee Newell- Don’t Panic,
Lee Newell- Heaven Only Knows,
Tears and Tantrums- SIBA
and another song called “Freak” that is coming out later, produced by:Frank Colucci/ Lee Newell.
I look for someone who is willing to experiment and step out of their comfort zone in the studio with me. I totally want the song to reflect their own style but I also don’t want it to sound like every other song they wrote that week. Also a clean studio is a PLUS!

September 14th, 2018