6 Artists to See at Venusfest

6 Artists to See at Venusfest
Mod Club, Opera House
Toronto, ON
September 20-22, 2018
This Canadian Music Festival celebrates feminism in the arts. This 3 day festival includes music performances and a range of artists.
Zola Jesus – Zola Jesus is an electronics driven ethereal artist. Her latest album is Okovi. http://zolajesus.com/
Bully – Alicia Bognanna fronts this electric 3 piece rock band. Their latest album is Losing http://www.bullythemusic.com/
Moor Mother – Describing Moor Mother is a challenge. She is an activist, poet, singer songwriter, hip-hop artist, producer and more. She has a visceral tone to her music that challenges as much as it entertains. Her latest album is Crime Waves. https://www.facebook.com/MoorMother/
Partner – Josee Caron & Lucy Niles make up this indie rock group. Their debut album is In Search of Lost Time. https://www.facebook.com/officiallypartners/
TiKa – TiKa is an activist, advocate and TV personality. Her latest single is “Debt.” https://www.tikathecreator.com/
Vallens – This Alberta 4 piece has had the wind at their backs as they have climbed in the music industry. Their latest EP is Dimmed In My Display. https://www.vallensband.com/
September 1st, 2018