Turning 19

Turning 19
August marks 19 years for FEMMUSIC. It was a difficult birth and the teen years have been rough, last year especially. This year we’ve been making up lost ground and charging forward at breakneck speed. It’s fun but we’re not a kid anymore. We do have our overwhelming curiosity for new music and the women who make it. That never changes. At 19 we’re still learning and growing. I have an active search for photographers and writers to join our team. If you know anyone, please refer them here. At 19 we still want to do more, cover more, and sleep less. We are dedicated to keeping a strong presence with our local scene and continue covering the world. The two sometimes seem contradictory. 
My own goals this year are changing. Last year was so heard that we didn’t do as much as we could. This year I’d like to do more but find myself more and more riding a computer instead of at a show. I naturally don’t sleep and the stress of keeping everything going can be a challenge. This summer feels harder than before. I hope when we turn 20 we can turn a page and be a bigger better organization. I may also relax my own reins. I don’t know yet. 
Running a magazine is based upon that old adage, “What have you done for me lately?” Keeping that many balls in the air is both the challenge and the excitement. We’re looking forward to 20. We hope you are too. 
Alex Teitz
August 1st, 2018