Questioning the Questions

Unfinished Mail – March 2018

Questioning the Questions
Hooray! It’s March. I can finally get back to my regular schedule of barely sleeping and being pure ADD on music. In February I was close. March begins the insanity of touring acts to and from SXSW, Treefort, and other music fests. It means summer isn’t far behind. 
Last month I had an interview with Holly Miranda. When it came to my usual question of discrimination, her response was “Umm, yeah.” In the midst of the #MeToo movement, I consider the question to be one of the most important to ask. FEMMUSIC is a niche music magazine focusing on women in music. The question goes to the heart of why we’re here. Not being able to elaborate on answers to tell a history is frustrating for me personally. I’ve been asking the question for 18 years now and the answers to it are a revelation. Whenever I get a lukewarm or tepid response I wonder, again, if I should be asking the question. Can it be changed? Can it be different? 
I ask the question because, since before there was FEMMUSIC, there was discrimination in the music business. It can be found in venues, studios, clubs and it may have changed over time. It has not gone away. I see value to the question. It is the “why” for us existing. Do you have thoughts on this? Please e-mail us. 
March 1st, 2018