10 Artists to See at Melbourne Music Week

10 Artists to See at Melbourne Music Week – Melbourne, Australia – November 17-25, 2017
10 Artists to See at Melbourne Music Week
Melbourne Music Week is an international music festival taking place across all of the City of Melbourne. Last year we previewed the festival for the first time and the reaction was so positive, we’re doing so again. This year’s festival includes a number of different showcases, and favorites including Ali Barter, Body Type, Jade Imagine, Jack River, friendships, and many more. For info visit https://mmw.melbourne.vic.gov.au/
Eilish Gilligan – Know for being in Frida and Japanese Wallpaper, Gilligan comes on strong with her single “The Feeling. We want to see more. https://www.facebook.com/eilishgilliganmusic/
Exbitionist – Kirsty Tickle makes a bold statement with “Hands.” This Sydney artist is one to watch. She is also part of Party Dozen. http://exhibitionistmusic.com/
Hexdebt – This 4 piece Melbourne pop band is just beginning https://www.facebook.com/HEXDEBTBAND/
I Know Leopard – This Sydney 4 piece just put out the new single “Let Go” and has a spot with Jack River during MMW. http://iknowleopard.com/
Lovers of the Black Bird – Julie Montan & Joseph Foley are in other bands, but this is their project. https://www.facebook.com/Lovers-Of-The-Black-Bird-1448120388831628/
Peachnoise – This Melbourne 3 piece is pop punk with a fun vibe. Their single “Bubblegum Lover” is new in October of 2017. https://www.facebook.com/peachnoisemusic/
Sampa The Great – She has already been booked for SXSW 2018 and is on numerous other festivals. She has gone from being one to watch to being one who is making a mark. http://sampathegreat.com/
The Orbweavers – Marita Dyson & Stuart Flanagan are The Orbweavers. This 2 piece weaves music and causes in their album Deep Leads. http://www.theorbweavers.com/
Press Club – This Melbourne 4 piece is led by Natalie Foster. Their new single “Headwreck” is addictive. http://www.pressclubmusic.com/
Tired Lion – This Perth band is led by Sophie Hopes and is one band we are waiting to cross to the US. Their latest album is Figurine. http://tiredlion.com.au/
November 1st, 2017