5 More Artists to See at The Underground Music Showcase

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5 More Artists to See at The Underground Music Showcase – Denver, CO – July 27-30, 2017
Automatic Iris – This Colorado 5 piece is working on a new EP and released their new song “Mortifying” in July. They are a cross of indie rock, folk and pop. https://www.automaticiris.com/
Briffaut – This local group mixes folk, progressive and shoegaze to make a new form. Pay attention to Anna Smith (formerly of Ancient Elk). https://www.facebook.com/briffautbriffaut/
GVGRACE – Formed by Griff Snyder, Member of Inner Oceans and Co-Founder of Guilty Pleasure Records, and Genevieve Patterson, GVGRACE is an electropop act with lyrical songwriting. They recently released their single, “Mai Love.” https://www.gvgrace.com/
Marlee Quirarte – Marlee Quirarte sings R & B with her single “True.” She is originally from Missouri and signed to Guilty Pleasure Records. https://www.facebook.com/marleequirarte/
Moon Hammer – Moon Hammer is the idea of the Moon Magnet Collective. They are a 12 piece supergroup including Venus Cruz, Jeremy Averitt, Ishka Bee Phoenix, Mikey Smith, Mark Emmons, Maria Kohler, Megan Crooks, Ben Weirich, Neil Lyons, Derrick Bozich, Adrian Wright, and Reed Fuchs. http://moonmagnetmusic.com/
July 11th, 2017