Haven’t We Been Here Before?

Unfinished Mail

On Monday May 22, 2017 another concert venue was attacked, this time in Manchester, England. Almost immediately after, the usual debate began of concert security. It is a hot button issue and my soapbox. I come from a weird mix of criminal justice and music. I’m also a strong believer in order.
The choice is simple. Do you want to have going to a concert be like going to the airport or not? Large venues and large tours already have metal detectors and bag searches, some of which pre-date the Pulse Nightclub attack. Do you want ALL large venues and large tours to be secure? Does that take away from your fun?
What about small venues? The smaller the venue the less money to be able to hire extra people, have metal detectors, etc….I love small venues for their intimacy. I also know the staff at many small venues. They are my friends and I find them outside of work. I worry about their security.
I have a tendency to think like a terrorist. What does that mean? I look at venues and wonder how easy it would be to have a scenario like Paris, like Pulse….there. Sadly the scenarios are too easy to imagine.
Live music keeps me alive. It is the blood in my veins. I’ll never stop going to live shows until I’m physically unable to. Terrorists win if we’re too scared to go. Be smart. Have fun. Never stop going.
May 31st, 2017