Roller Coaster Ride

Unfinished Mail

Roller Coaster
I’m writing this at the tail of March. March has been a roller coaster. I ended up having an emergency medical procedure come out of nowhere that instantly slowed me down when I wanted to speed up. I’m still recovering from that and am hard at work on the April issue.
This month’s issue focuses on 2 big festivals: Canadian Music Week & Vans Warped Tour. Canadian Music Week is a week-long festival that brings in artists from across the world. The majority are Canadian. It is a chance to see who is emerging after SXSW and also look North for new artists. CMW also includes the Music Cities Convention which is drawing our attention more than ever before. Music Cities brings in government officials to see what is working & not working for cities & the music industry. Our recent exploration into venue issues has made us a follower of music cities.
Vans Warped Tour is a multi-city alternative music festival. We’ve been covering it for years. The tour won’t start until later in the year but in April we try to find 1-2 artists to profile once the bands are announced. Last year VWT happened in Denver the same weekend as another festival. We did both. This year VWT is happening in June which is a welcome surprise.
April marks the first quarter of the year. Everything will only get busier after this. It is now concert season and soon it will be festival season. 2017 is becoming one of the biggest years for music releases, tours and festivals. 
April 1st, 2017