10 Artists to See at Canadian Music Week

Canadian Music Week,

Toronto, Ontario – April 18-23, 2017

CMW is Canada’s answer to SXSW. It includes 3000 acts in all styles of music. The vast majority are Canadian. Every year we look to find new recommendations of artists to see.
Ailbe Reddy – This Northern Ireland artist was already on our radar with her EP Hollowed Out Sea. http://www.ailbhereddy.com/
Aniqa  Dear – This band led by Aniqa Qadir & James Attin-Gooden. Their release Neither Here Nor There is filled with enchanting songwriting. https://www.facebook.com/aniqadear
Giungla – Pay attention to this Italian artist. She is on the fast track with her EP Camo. Her style is alternative rock but it is laced with Alanis & PJ Harvey.http://www.giunglamusic.com/
Haviah Mighty – This Toronto rapper has multiple albums out including Bass Loud from 2015. http://haviahmighty.ca/
Hey!dw – This Toronto DJ is making waves with “That’s My DJ!” She makes both house and synthpop. https://www.facebook.com/heydw.x/
I Shot Samo – This Montreal indie rock band is a duo but doesn’t sound like it. Their debut It’s Alright To See Black is a must listen. http://www.ishotsamo.com/
Milkywhale – Milkywhale is a pop artist from Iceland with sublime vocals. Pay attention to her song “Goodbye.” http://www.milkywhale.com/
Leela James – This LA performer was once named “Little Ella” when she first started. It has now been 11 years since her debut album A Change Is Gonna Come first came out. She is now releasing Did It For Love. She has a driven vocal range and is a constant performer. http://www.leelajames.com/
Psychic Twin Strange Diary was released last year. Erin Fein mixes ghostly melodies with synth beats to create an illusionary sound. https://www.facebook.com/PsychicTwin/
The Beaches – The Beaches are a Toronto power pop band of 4 women. They have self-titled EP out. Pay attention to their new song “Give It Up.” Think The Donnas meet The Hinds and you’re getting close to The Beaches. http://www.thebeachesband.com/
April 1st, 2017