Women In Studio Production

women in studio production
Last year we did a feature on Women Tour Managers. It was so well received we decided to start 2017 off with another big feature. This time we look at women in studio production. Studio production is a broad term that encompasses everything from recording, mixing, mastering, and producing. The interviewees we have come from different backgrounds and different experiences. All have value lessons to talk about.
This feature had a great response that we decided it would be best to separate our interviews by profession. We have 5 categories: Education, Mastering, Producers, Recording Engineer & Studio Owners. Many of our interviewees have backgrounds that include more than one profession. A studio owner may be a producer. A producer may be a performing artist. Some have only done their own work. Some have worked with names like Odetta, Prince, Coldplay, and thousands more. We hope that as the month progresses we may add to this feature. Without further introduction, here are women in studio production:
Natalie Bayne
Susan Rogers, PhD
Anna Frick
Shelly Steffens
Haniya Aslam
Kim Copeland
Anne Freeman
Jordan Brooke Hamlin
Liz Horsman
Julie Kathryn
Sylvia Massy
Jennifer Terran
Susan Tucker
Recording Engineer
Leslie Gaston-Bird
Olga FitzRoy
Angie Dickinson Mickle
Studio Owners
Erin Enderlin
Rachel Faro
Celeste Di Iorio
Alex Kline
Alaina Thetford
January 1st, 2017