globalFEST 2017

globalFEST 2017
globalFEST 2017 – Webster Hall – New York City, NY – January 8, 2017
globalFEST is a music festival and conference that seeks to build bridges between countries and cultures. It begins with an annual concert. The artists come from all over the world. For info visit
Alsarah and the Nubutones – Alsarah is a Sudanese singer-songwriter who specializes in retro-pop. Alsarah and the Nubutones goes a different direction and mixes in “songs of return” from Sudan and Egypt. They just released Manara.
Betsayda Machado y La Parranda El Clavo –  This powerhouse vocalist from Venezuela makes her US Debut at this show.
Jojo Abot – Abot is a multicultural artist. She is from Ghana and lives in Denmark. Her album is Fyfya Woto.
Maarja Nuut – Nuut is a minimalist fiddler from Estonia. She incorporates digital music to her classic sound. Her album is Une Meeles.
Randy Tanky– This South Carolina band is a mix of spirituals and funk bringing forth the music of the South. The are led by Quiana Parler’s vocals.
Ssing Ssing – This Korean band mixes traditional vocals with rock music.
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