Trouble Free

Unfinished Mail – December 2016

Unfinished holiday decoration
My December began on October 12. That was the day I received my first e-mail from a label contact reminding me of all of their releases this year. Within the next week it was followed by word on Holiday releases. 
I write this in early November I’m hard at work on 3 issues now. December’s “Best Of” is the most trouble free. This year I’ve tried to make FEMMUSIC better than it was. I’ve included more content. I’ve worked with more photographers. I’ve also looked at facets of the industry that are not just performers. 
I feel a responsibility to do better. It challenges me. I hope it challenges you. After 17 years I think changing perspectives is vital to being new & original. It is also fun. As I get ready to change into year 18 again I must thank you all for your support in me. FEMMUSIC is here because of the readers. If no one came, I wouldn’t be writing. Thank you and I look forward to doing more for you in 2017. 
                                                                                                               Alex Teitz
December 1st, 2016