Unfinished Mail

In August I met with a college professor who is trying to put together a Women in Music college course. The questions raised during it included can guest speakers be brought in? Should it be combined with Women’s Studies? Should it look at the business, history, sociology, and psychology of being a woman in music? After we finished I asked myself other questions including: What other colleges teach women in music courses? What do that include? Is it a benefit to have a women in music course vs having a regular business, history, etc….?
In June I attended Denver Comic Con. At that convention there were a number of panels that focused on women. They included: Women In Geek Industry Panel, Girls Are Heroes of Their Own Stories, Damsels Not In Distress, Empowering Women Through Fandom, and more. These panels focused on women in comics, writing and popular culture. Again the question becomes, are these panels needed?
Earlier this year I asked if FEMMUSIC is needed anymore. Women in music are more prevalent and successful then they were 17 years ago. Women are now in all facets of the industry and in positions of power. Problems still do remain. I see and hear of discrimination on a daily & weekly basis. The question of “As a woman in the music industry, have you been discriminated against?’ is still asked and answered. Women are still not being paid as much as men for the same work…remember ERA? Things are better than they were but still have a ways to go. For this reason FEMMUSIC & Women in Music courses should still remain.
Since meeting with the college professor I’ve asked about other courses. I’ve found some sporadic in other places. Do you know of any? What do they teach? Where are they? Please send me your questions & ideas. Thank you.
September 30th, 2016