Happy Birthday To Us

Unfinished Mail

  Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Us! Happy Birthday to Us! This issue marks 17 years for FEMMUSIC. It is both frightening & humbling to say we’ve been around that long. FEMMUSIC is old enough to drive but not old enough to vote. I think we’re all afraid when FEMMUSIC is old enough to drink.
FEMMUSIC & I have changed over the years. When we began I only thought it would be taking an hour or two a week and would be mainly local. I’d toyed with idea of freelancing but liked having control of the project. In mid-2000 we became an international magazine when we interviewed Bif Naked for the first time. These days it is easier to be international than ever before. I look at artists from the Europe, Asia, and Australia on a daily basis. I thrill to artists from the Middle East. I consider it my job and duty to find artists people may not have heard of.
FEMMUSIC is not an island in of itself. I’m working with a small amount of people now to make sure what you see & read is accurate. FEMMUSIC is not alone in our coverage of women in music. I can name numerous publications and blogs who do the same thing. There is a variety of coverage out there. Some publications focus on a specific instrument, genre or sexual identity. FEMMUSIC has always been about one thing, music – all genres. We can dive into stories about politics, equality and more but at the end of the day the music is paramount.
What is the role of FEMMUSIC? Going back to those in the same niche referenced in last paragraph. When we started many of our competitors made presenting shows and conferences part of their mission statement. I think they made more money, took bigger risks and learning event planning. I considered it many times starting out. I feel FEMMUSIC’s role is twofold. One we are A & R. We are looking for those artists who will be big 10 years from now. Two we are interested in education. That is the development in artist development. I believe in the axiom of “A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships.” I oppose favoritism and think every artist has the potential to be something more. Surprisingly the older I get, the more I believe this.
What’s next? A year ago FEMMUSIC was going to shows and covering artists. In a year we’ve brought in a bunch of photographers to change the look and coverage on FEMMUSIC. In the coming year I’m toying with the idea of a sponsored podcast. I would also like to find more writers to expand our coverage of stories internationally, but with a local voice. If you have ideas, suggestions, donations, we are interested.
Thank you to all our readers, friends and family for allowing us to do this. We look forward to another year with you.
Alex Teitz
July 29th, 2016