The Shooting Gallery

Unfinished Mail

shooting gallery

It’s mid-May as I write this and a very rough week. I’ve had medical issues that have come up which have slowed me down. I don’t like slowing down. It is summer and the calendar is in full tilt. Festivals are coming quick and bigger shows keep appearing. In addition, good friends have been putting out new albums which makes me proud. Like all births, the family gathers around to “ooh” and “ah.” Money is the best gift in this case to buy the product and fuel the engine for the next birth.
My rant this month is something that FEMMUSIC also does. The shooting gallery. I’ve been at some amazing shows already this year where the audience misses the show by trying to film it, document every second with photos, etc… I work with professionals who value the show as much as the photos. They shoot with the flash off and get only what they need. They don’t need every second of every show and neither do I. I view live performance as something unique and not repeatable. The performance in Denver may be entirely different from Salt Lake City. The audience gives the artist energy and receives it back. If you’re shooting too much you may not “feel” the energy of the show. Take a minute and breathe it in. It is a concert experience.
On another tangent I’m finding the business of music is taking up as much time as running FEMMUSIC itself. I’m a consultant, counselor, friend and news source to the local scene. I feel it is part of my mission to shepherd the next generation. We all lift each other up. The time I spend doing that has become more and more. I enjoy it but it has increased my workload. That’s all from the editor’s desk. Go out and see a show!
June 1st, 2016