Unfinished Mail – March 2016

gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem

Last month we looked at women tour managers. Some of the answers to the questions caught my attention and made me think. A common question I ask is “As a woman in the music industry, have you been discriminated against?” The answers have always surprised me and have changed from generation to generation. Some of the defensive reactions from women tour managers make me ask “Why do I ask the question?” and “Is the question still relevant?”
FEMMUSIC is a narrow niche magazine. It is not unique. There are many other magazines that cover women in music. There are also many magazines that cover music that do a once yearly “women’s issue.” I’ve tried to make FEMMUSIC unique. I try to target my interviews and content to hit a broad base of musicians because I feel that is what musicians want to read. I’ve also become more of a content re-distributor than I was in the past. Finally I take a hard feminist view on sites and films I will feature. I feel that this appeals to my readers.
Feminism is almost a taboo word in modern culture. It is associated with NOW and other organizations that sought to break the glass ceiling. Gloria Steinem is now 2 generations removed from modern day. She is the boomer generation. Modern feminists include Sheryl Sandberg, Sophie Amoruso and Anita Sarkeesian. These women are not just fighting for equality but the roles of women in modern society. It was only recently that Ash Carter, US Defense Chief, allowed women to be eligible for combat roles in all branches of the US military. This is a recent and profound victory since much of the world has had women in combat for decades, if not centuries.
As readers of FEMMUSIC, are you still interested in having the question asked? Is the question relevant to you? Do you want more of the focus to be just music? I think the narrative changes because of the women’s perspective in all facets of music. I’m curious about that. Are you? What changes would you like to see?
I still view discrimination as an ongoing problem. I see it at every show I’m at. The arts have it in numerous ways. If the ERA passed tomorrow women would still be paid less in music because the arts work differently. Do you agree? Why or why not? Please let me hear your voice.
March 1st, 2016