A Million Miles by Amy Fleisher Madden

A Million Miles by Amy Fleisher Madden
            There are many myths in the music world. Tour nightmares and dreams make up a lot them. You imagine being on the road with your best friends as a lovefest of drinking, sex and music. That is rarely the case.
            Amy Fleisher Madden has known the music world. She started her own music label, Fiddler Records, at age 16. She later became an A & R person signing bands including Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory The Higher and more. One Million Miles is her book.
            A Million Miles is about Maddy Traeger, an underage music fan, who starts her own label and gets to tour with her favorite band, Crimson + Clover. Maddy is an ad hoc tour manager who has to sell merch, dealer with the venue owners for money, deal with the all male band’s issues and still get them from point A to point B. In addition she must contend with heavy drinking, drugs, keeping the band in line to perform and stay faithful to their significant others. She also has to keep her parents informed and question whether a musician back home likes her.
            Madden flawlessly describes the feeling of a tour. There is the cramped, underslept journey in the dirty van. Every day is a new place. There are the wild fans, drunken nights and sweaty days on the road. Madden sets the book in 1999, a changing period in the music world. Napster is taking over and bands like Jimmy Eat World are huge.
            After reading the book one wonders how much of Maddy is Madden. How many of the road stories were altered to protect the guilty. It is the fact that one has to question, that makes A Million Miles a great read. It gives both the dream and the nightmare with clarity and humor enough to feel like you are there. It is a tender, nostalgic and melancholy journey. This is coming of age story on the road. Any YA who who dreams of the music world should read this book as a guide and warning to any road tours in the future. The tour stories are timeless.  For info visit www.amillionmilesbook.com 
September 1st, 2015