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Words From the Editor’s Desk

editor's desk

It has now been 16 years since I started FEMMUSIC. At the time my biggest questions were “How can I make this work?” and “Will it survive?” It was summer of 1999 and there were more Dot coms out there with lots of advertising money. It was the wild wild west of the internet. Six months later it was the Dot Com Bust and the landscape became barren. Those of us who were independent and self financed found ourselves in a world of our own. That is when FEMMUSIC went from trying to be a local magazine to an international one.
Now I’m a different person from back then. I hear different things in the music than I did before. Songs are still a 3 minute love affair. As a writer and artist I’ve always found music activated the visual part of my mind. I could “see” the images and descriptions in music. I also approach the artist differently. At one time hearing THE SONG I would fall in love with the artist. Now I fall in love with the song: the structure, the mechanisms.
I’m now asking questions I used to never ask. The biggest is “Can I change the world?” I’ve heard from many artists over time how I’ve made an impact. I’m gratified but I’d like to do more. I’m a newshound. I’m an idealist and a romantic. I believe in larger pictures. I’ve never thought that “soft” news i.e. entertainment changes the landscape. I think artists DO change the world but journalists don’t get the same opportunity. I’m now working on a project that hopefully can DO more.   It is moving slowly and I don’t want to have it fail before it starts. I hope it can have a larger impact than I have before. I hope…I dream… 16 years ago I didn’t think FEMMUSIC was possible. 
It’s nearly August and I’m more than running behind. I have fears the new issue will be up on deadline. It’s been a big month of shows. I’ve also been looking for groups to be involved in to push the arts locally. I’ve applied to one and hope to hear word. I hope it will be a chance to do something with impact now and in the future.
                                                                           Alex Teitz
August 1st, 2015