Portland Pop Now

Portland Pop now
Friday-Sunday July 24-26, 2015 – AudioCinema – Portland, OR
This FREE, all ages music festival features 2 outdoor stages, a record fair, street fair, food carts and the annual band on band basketball tournament Rigsketball. PDX Pop Now has been going since 1998 and features the best of Portland bands coming together to help the scene. Nearly 50 acts make up this year’s festival.http://pdxpopnow.com
Bed – This is a subdued trio whose music is slow-fi. They are signed to Breakup Records. www.facebook.com/thisisbed
Big Haunt – This 3 piece is Lars Ballard, Lily Breshears & Jeff Evans. They have a melodic driven reggae sound. http://www.facebook.com/bighaunt
Blue Cranes – This 5 piece is indie jazz fusion. They have a smoky sound mixed with a strong brass lead. www.bluecranesmusic.com
Coco Columbia  – This singer songwriter mixes jazz and indie pop with her albumThe Weight. www.cococolumbia.com
Catherine Feeney – This singer songwriter has been in the business for over a decade and used to be signed with EMI. She is an activist and has been involved with Occupy and other causes. www.catherinefeeny.com
Holy Grove – This 4 piece is led by Andrea Vidal. They have evolved from a psychedelic sound to more fundamental rock. www.facebook.com/holygroveband
Moon By You – This 5 piece group is that mix of the nostalgic sounds of 50’s & 60’s soul with a psychedelic core. Pay attention to the strong rhythm section.www.facebook.com/MoonByYou
Modern Kin – This is a high energy live band. They are pure rock indie and come out fighting. www.modernk.in
Muscle & Marrow – This is a dark gothic band with heavy chords and hard samples. They are also a 2 piece of Kira Clark & Keith McGraw.http://muscleandmarrow.com
The Lower 48 – The Lower 48 has been named as a nostalgic band with odes to the Beatles and others. Don’t be fooled. They are a pure pop indie band with a style in music and appearance that sets them apart. They are constantly touring and writing. www.thelower48.com
The Shivas – This band is nothing but ambitious. They are working on booking a tour of 13 countries in 45 days. They are 3 piece pure rock and roll band.www.theshivas.ciom
July 1st, 2015