Booking The Library

booking the library

Booking The Library: A Guide for Entertainers, Musicians, Speakers & Authors

by Jessica Brawner

Reviewed by Alex Teitz


Touring is a challenge for any musician. It involves getting out of your comfort zone and going someplace new to establish a fan base. The prep time can be more complicated and stressful than expected. The rewards can be plentiful or few. When most musicians thing of touring it is to bars, clubs and other big venues. This book is not about that.

Booking the Library is a compact and comprehensive guide on how, why and what challenges there are in booking within the library system nationwide. The guide is actually 2 guides: one on booking for schools & libraries; one on booking in general and survival on the road. It is set up in a clear and logical manner. It begins asking the reader/musician if booking for libraries is even right for them.

The guide is filled with testimonials, checklists and facts. A guide, by its nature, should be easy to pick up and find exactly what you need. This book has that. It gives the reader sample contracts, letters, e-mails that can be customized. It also has tips that are useful for the beginner or pro. Booking The Library makes the point that booking to this selective niche is a way to supplement touring revenue and time.

The author of Booking The Library has a wealth of experience. Brawner ran a successful booking agency that handled over 50 acts for many years. She has toured the world independently and with the Peace Corps, She has moved on from the music industry and is focused on other elements of writing and touring.

Booking the Library is an indispensable guide for most musicians. The practical elements (contracts, sample letters, etc…) are unique to the niche and are not found in any other source specific to musicians. The touring tips, marketing, sales may be found in other sources. Here they supplement what is directly useful. Booking the Library is not meant to be the “be all” guide to touring for every venue. It is a specific guide to a specific niche that should be immediately helpful to any musician. Copies in both print & Kindle can be found an

Jessica Brawner

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May 1st, 2015