Words from the Editor’s Desk

Unfinished mail

           We begin this month with great news. Doe Paoro, our artist of the month from January, was signed to Epitaph Records in March. For info visit www.doepaoro.com and we look forward to her new album.

            March was one of my busiest months. It felt more like a summer month, than early Spring. Now that it is done, the year is in full force. This month we’re focusing on two big events: The Warped Tour & Record Store Day.
           The Vans Warped Tour began 21 years ago as a punk rock sports fest. It quickly grew in popularity because of the bookings it received, the number of shows it does, and the affordable ticket prices. In the past year I’ve seen a number of bands that have played Warped Tour including American Pinup, Courage My Love and Echosmith. As of this writing, there are 11 acts with women in them playing Vans Warped Tour 2015. We expect more announcements. We are profiling those announced in the same way we did SXSW last month. We hope you will enjoy and see Vans Warped Tour during the 3 months it is on the road.
            Record Store Day is an un-official holiday. It is like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day where the independent record stores made it to boost sales of vinyl. On Record Store Day there will be over 400 releases of special printings just for the holiday. We’ve previewed Record Store Day before. This year we’re talking more about some of the releases because we also have a new record player and miss vinyl.
            As I write this, we are less than a week away from Spring. It is warm and sunny and feels like summer. Grab your earplugs and beer money because concert season is here. 


                                                        Alex Teitz, Editor-In-Chief

April 1st, 2015