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Singer-Songwriters have always been on stage with one instrument and add contrast with percussive guitar, tambourine, etc… Now the technology has reached a point where one woman can be alone on stage & create an orchestra of sound. Labels realize this and there are a number of artists at SXSW who are doing this. Here is a sample:
Margaret Chardiet impressed us with her EP Abandon. Now the full length albumBestial Burden is out and she makes walls of sound into palaces.
Charlotte OC
If you heard any of the EP Strange last year, you were enthralled by this singer-songwriter. She has been to the US many times are we are hoping for a large tour soon.
Springtime Carnivore
Great Morgan is not a household name, but her dream pop album should live in any music lover’s collection. She is on tour with the Dodos prior to SXSW.
Lady Lamb The
After comes out in March prior to SXSW. This solo project by Aly Spaltro has been highlighted by “Billions of Eyes” the first single from the album.  She also is touring pre & post SXSW.
We were already following Fielded before her SXSW appearance was listed. Days later she began crowdfunding for a new EP Boy Angel, and to start a clothing line. The details are on her site. Fielded is a solo arrangement and style that defines the word “indie” for us. Look for her interview in this issue.
It is impossible to not hear the name these days. She began a slow swelling in the business last year that is looking more and more like a tidal wave. Her album isGeneration Blue.
Promises was released in 2014, and this synth pop artist began to build a following. She is working on a full length album and we’re hoping for lots of summer touing.



SXSW has always brought the world to the US. This year is no different. Here is a small sampling of world artists represented at SXSW:
Sisters Lisa-Kainde & Naomi Diaz are electrifying Their self-titled album became available in February
Last year “Bamboo” was one of many songs Ana Garcia Perrote & Carlotta Cosials brought alive under the name Deers. They changed their name to Hinds and are now a four piece. They are doing a short US tour to coincide with SXSW.
Marina & The Diamonds
This pop band has been addictive since note one. Froot came out in 2015 and we expect more touring as the summer begins.
This Swedish rapper appeared with artists like MO and Charli XCX. Her latest EP is One More that came out in 2014.
Emmy The Great

Emmy has been underground in the US but has a string of songs that should delight at SXSW. She also will have a new EP called S.

Paper Aeroplanes  –

Richard Llewellyn & Sarah Howells are the new Civil Wars. We were hooked at only hearing a song. Their Circus EP came out in 2014 and the full length Joy is due out later this year.
When we heard “Bang the Drum” this Danish artist was instantly on our list. Mind the Gap has only been released digitally in the US but is a work of art.
“Ego” is the song you’ve heard. The full album may be out before SXSW. This Swedish singer-songwriter has depth beyond the pop area.
If you haven’t heard of her, look her up. She immediately had our attention and we want a full tour from the Swedish artist
They were one of our Best Of in 2014  and they made many lists. This London 4 piece should be taking over the US post SXSW. Creature Songs was released in 2014.


SXSW is in Texas and artists flock to it from all over the US. Here is a sampling of some to pay attention to:
Jillian Hervey & Lucas Goodman make great dance music. We hadn’t heard of them until SXSW and now we expect everyone will know their name
Mandy Lee’s vocals have quickly propelled this band to a place of respect. Their album Our Own House comes out prior to SXSW and we expect it to chart.
Ripley Johnson & Sanae Yamada are Moon Duo, an acid rock group.
We’ve featured Cathedrals on more than one occasion already. This SF duo is a group we want to talk to and want you to hear.

The Lowest
Kendl Winter & Palmer T Lee are an Americana duo. We had the chance to catch them when their first album came out. They are now releasing their second, The Sacred Heart Sessions.
Here is the punk rock hard edge from LA. We only came across them in the SXSW listings, but once we had a listen, we had to give them praise.
And The
Hannah Mohan, Rebecca Lasaponaro & Megan Miller make up this stripped down indie rock group. Miller recently was allowed back into the US from Canada but the group is still touring and has a new album, Turn to Each Other, due out in February.
March 1st, 2015