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editor's desk

It’s December 12 and two weeks from Christmas and three weeks from 2015. I have 8 shows remaining in 2014 including 2 tonight. Last night while returning from seeing a Canadian band I was listening to artists from the UK and NYC. Both are them are featured in this issue.
2014 was the test run on FEMMUSIC coming back and it went better than I expected. 2015 we are charging ahead and already have ideas for issues for the New year. We also will be covering more artists than ever. I already have tix in hand for shows going to April. By March we will be eyeing the summer and by June will be eyeing the Fall.
Our goals are to cover more, hear more and find more artists and bring them to you. We already have a pile of January advance albums at our feet. What are your goals for 2015. Release an album? Play more gigs? Increase fan base? Write more songs? Where are you in planning to do this? Do you have an outline? Budget? Now is the time do it. December & January are the sleeping months in the industry. Typically everyone records when it is cold & dark outside. It is also the best time to plan.
It is 3 weeks until 2015 and I’m wrapping up work early on the January issue so I can have some time to relax. I also know January & February will have earlier deadlines for our issues. I want to review more music in the coming year without giving up live shows. These are my goals.
By the time you read this it will be 2015. 
Okay I have an amendment. A few days agoI found out a local artist I’ve been following for this year was signed to a label deal. I sent out congratulatory e-mails and spoke with some friends. All of them were cautiously optimistic hoping that the contract was good.
By that note I decided I would add my 2 cents here. A label contract is still a big thing. Before the internet age it would make or break an artist. Now the stakes are different but if you sign a bad contract you still can be in trouble.
I’ve heard countless bad stories of bad contracts. There is the 3 album deal. You are required to do 3 albums with the label and they pay for marketing, distribution, etc…as a loan that your royalties pay off. The label has control. You do the first album and unless it goes gold or platinum you may not get money to make a second album. If you can’t make a 2nd album, you can’t make a third and you are trapped.
Commonly today you see the partnership. You and the label share costs. You pay the road expenses but the label does distribution and radio. The label is aiming to recoup less money so your volume sales can be smaller.
When you sign to a label you want to be a full functioning organization. If you can control your sales, publishing, videos, touring…the label has less to offer you and you can negotiate from a place of strength. If you don’t have that big an organization the label has more leverage. As always, with any label contract it is common sense to have management & an attorney review it before signing.


                                                        Alex Teitz, Editor-In-Chief

January 1st, 2015