Unfinished Mail

Words from the Editor’s Desk

If Winter is the slowest period for artists and reviews alike, summer is the busiest. As I look at my own calendar for the month the one thing missing is sleep. I’ve said before live music is a drug. Right now I’m running the summer high. This month I expect to be out at least 20 days catching shows. Some of the artists I will have seen before but many will be my first time.
In June I found myself scrambling to get this issue together. I’d been sick and had to take an emergency trip back East. Both slowed my planning for this issue. Luckily I think it’s pulled together well. Originally I’d planned this editorial to be on the difference between a music critic and a music reviewer. That will have to wait but I personally consider myself to be the latter.
I have a friend who shops for music by going into a store looking for old vinyl of her 2 favorite acts. She owns most of their material but wants a few rare cuts. I look for music by seeing what is “fronted” first. What just came out that the labels, the store are pushing? What is new local? Does an artist have a new album? NEW. It is what keeps us fresh. I’ve seen many artists who live on the same old song that was great 5, 10, 20 years ago. What makes music fresh is something new that hasn’t been done before. I look for “baby” bands now. They are experimenting with the old and the new. They are finding their sound. That sound may be a mix of what has come before, a tribute or it may be a whole new creature that growls and roars. The untamed and new is what pushes music forward. What is pushing your music forward? What changes have you gone through that change your music? Be new. Be different.


                                                        Alex Teitz, Editor-In-Chief

July 1st, 2014