Von Grey – Awakening

Von Grey – Awakening

By Alex Teitz

Von Grey is a four piece indie folk group. All four women are multi instrumentalists and vocalists. They are Annika Von Grey on violin, banjo, guitar and keys, Fiona Von Grey on guitar, percussion and violin, Petra Von Grey on keys, lap steel guitar, electronic percussion  and Kathryn Von Grey on cello, bass pedals, mandolin and keys. Von Grey is dominated by a sound filled with harmonies and strings.

Awakening is filled with a myriad of styles. The EP was produced by Rick Beato. It was recorded by Beato and Kevin “Gand” Lanyon who also masters it. Awakening begins “Keep It Cool” which is a light elemental song with building crescendos and violin solos. “Come On” plays like a single with a 70’s groove filled with keyboard. “Deliverance” begins with a stirring acapella that leads into layered strings.  It is the most traditional folk song on the EP. “Upset Me” is a ballad that is hook laden and filled with mandolin, guitar and violin. “Ashes” is the next strongest song. It is a march that carries along the listener. “My Reflection” ends the EP. It is a love song that has some Irish elements in it and the heaviest percussion on the EP.

Von Grey can’t be pigeonholed. All their songs are filled with harmonies and string arrangements. Their sound is a cross of country, folk and indie rock. They draw comparisons to everything from The Nields, The Haden Triplets and Sheryl Crow. Von Grey is still young and evolving. One feels like their arrangements need to be bolder and to focus their power. Their greatest strength is their harmonies and string arrangements. For more info visit www.facebook.com/vongreymusic


April 1st, 2014