The She’s – Dreamers

The She’s – Dreamers

By Alex Teitz

The She’s are a band out of San Francisco. They are Hannah Valente on rhythm guitar, Samantha Perez on bass, and Eva Treadway on lead guitar. They are also joined by Sinclair Riley and Julian Harmon on percussion. Dreamers was produced by Patrick Brown.

Dreamers is a many colored changing EP. It begins with “My Secret to Keep” which reminds you of the great 60’s bands with wonderful harmonies and a rock refrain. It then drifts into an alt rock space filled with reverb and echo that screams dream pop. “Dream Girl” is filled with that same echo-ey reverb but has more of a garage rock feel. “Violet” is one of the strongest songs on the EP. It clearly jumps into surf guitar mixed with an indie edge. “Jordan Baker” is guitar heavy but is also filled with a more complex arrangement. It also has noticeable background vocals as opposed to just harmonies. “Mystery (The Void)” is a surprising surf rock song about a broken relationship. It screams to be a single with a hooky chorus. “Lots To Hide” ends the EP with another bad relationship. It has a slower bridge and some of the reverb that permeates the EP.

The She’s are an indie dream pop surf rock band. They incorporate elements of all into their music. One can hear The Beach Boys, Sleater Kinney and even The Cocteau Twins throughout their music. Dreamers has to be the first step to something bigger and better. A full album with this mix of elements will bring down the walls and wake up the sleeping industry. Please bring it on.  For more info go to

April 1st, 2014