Beth Thornley – Septagon

Beth Thornley – Septagon

By Alex Teitz

LA singer-songwriter Beth Thornley has that addictive sound we all listen for in her new EP Septagon. Thornley works with longtime collaborator Rob Cairns on all the tracks. All of the tracks are original including “Last to Fall” in which Glenn Phillips is also a co-writer.

Thornley is a superb pop singer-songwriter. “Say That You Will” is a hook filled layered melodic piece that echoes in your head. “It Could Be” showcases Thornley’s vocals and has a distinct style that can be described as Liz Phair without the reverb. “Last to Fall” is the most pop piece of the four and is filled with repetitive simple lyrics with a strong hook. “All These Things” finishes off the EP with more of the same.

Thornley’s music is skilled and beautiful. Her work has been featured in TV. She draws comparisons to Liz Phair, Aimee Mann and Sheryl Crow. These are fair comparisons. This is a fun pop EP with an artist in the peak of her career. We look forward to what Thornley and Cairns with come up with next. For more info visit


April 1st, 2014