Kellee Bradley – I Talk to the Stars

Kellee Bradley - I Talk to the Stars

Kellee Bradley – I Talk to the Stars (2002 In A Big Way Records)

By Elizabeth Nitz

Seattle-based Kellee Bradley combines rock, pop, and “Dixie Chicks” country with intimate lyrics to tell her life’s story in songs that are sometimes sad, sometimes angry, and usually winsomely sarcastic.
Her stage performance is legendary and she’s opened for Huey Lewis, John Mellencamp, Crosby Stills and Nash, and Christopher Cross. Her latest album, I Talk to the Stars, has a number of highlights including “The Ocean” which has gotten radio play all over Washington and “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me,” a honky-tonk bar-room jam.
“Goodnight Moon” is a haried tale of motherhood. Kellee slows it down with “Another Night Alone,” a smokey jazz anthem of lonliness. (Is this still the same album?)
The last track, “Steady Course,” is a somewhat tongue in cheek reel comparing relationships to ocean-going ships with a very Celtic flute, fiddle and accordian accompaniment.
Kellee’s powerful voice and surprising diversity will continue to make waves in Seattle and nationally. For more information please go to

February 1st, 2003