Elea Plotkin – little rockets

Elea Plotkin - little rockets

Elea Plotkin – little rockets (2001 FMG productions)

By Elizabeth Nitz

Classically trained pianist Elea Plotkin began down the singer/songwriter path after a devastating accident injured her hands. Unable to keep the music inside, she turned to writing as therapy and, twelve years and two albums later, continues to be a powerful musician. She writes in a number of styles from rock and blues to reggae and quiet folk.
Elea begins her 2001 release little rockets with contemporary rock number “Inside Out.” Bob Marley-inspired “Everything’s Goin’ My Way” is Elea’s personal reggae anthem. “Just a Girl” shows off husband Andy’s power on the electric guitar. Her full voice climbs up and down the scales to match.
She’s not afraid to air her personal faults. “Contrite” is a masterful appology for being too righteous, written in Bonnie Raitt-style blues.
Elea turns the tables with heartbreaker “Silently Crying.” She sings as if having a personal conversation with the listener: “Maybe there’s a good reason we hide the things we do. Still I’m left wondering what I meant to you.” She ends the album with a lullaby to her son, “In My Prayer.”
With a full performance schedule and an active role in the music community in Colorado, she is an inspiration to her fellow musicians and fans alike. For more information please see www.EleaPlotkin.com.

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