FEMMUSIC’s Top Independent Solo Artists of 2002

  • “The best part was getting a live string section. I had wanted to use live strings on earlier recordings, but my producers and engineers would always say, “You CAN’T have live strings. They’re too expensive and the keyboard is just as good.”

Jenni Alpert

  • “I feel that producing a record is like painting on a canvas with sound. Each instrument is like a color to me and the dynamics of each part played is a shade.”

Jill Stevenson

  • “A big change would for the record labels to give an artist control of their career, the music they are writing, and how it is marketed.”

Jessica Stone

  • “Jessica stone is a combination of folk, hip-hop and rock who is highly addictive.”

Melissa van der Scafe

  • “I suddenly feel the great responsibility it is to be a musician and how hearing a certain song can really make a difference in your day”
January 1st, 2003