Unfinished Mail

  Words from the Editor’s Desk


   June snuck up on me like a snake. It was a good May and a lot has been going on. Looking at the new issue, I’m wondering when more will happen. This month I wanted to talk about some e-mails I’ve been receiving. They caught my attention, and I had to talk about them.
One e-mail I received asked if FEMMUSIC could tell her when a FEMMUSIC artist was coming to town. My first reaction was, “a FEMMUSIC artist?” FEMMUSIC doesn’t do booking. FEMMUSIC is not in artist management. FEMMUSIC doesn’t brand artists. You won’t see a FEMMUSIC tour any time soon. FEMMUSIC is a publication as much as Rolling Stone or Billboard. Our mission is to show new artists to anyone willing to see them. We say good things about artists because we mean it.
Another letter I received spoke about “The Place for Emerging Women in Music.” What does that phrase mean?” Surely I don’t mean artist like Jann Arden, Odetta, Janis Ian and numerous others are “emerging.” They aren’t. FEMMUSIC is a place where artists on any level of development can come and read about other artists at any level of development. It helps to hear what one person’s experiences are. FEMMUSIC has always believed in mentoring, and believes that our interviews and features provide that for every performing reader.
FEMMUSIC is coming up on our third year anniversary in August. To celebrate I’ve decided to do a special issue outside of what we normally do. The issue will focus on Women Activist Musicians in Generation Y (age 20-30). I’ve run into a problem doing this issue. I’m having trouble finding both the artists and the causes. I’m asking you, our readers for help. Names like Dar Williams, Michelle Shocked, Ani DiFranco have been brought up, but they are too old. Who will be the next Ani, Indigo Girls, Joan Baez, etc….If you have suggestions, please e-mail me at [email protected]
As I write this I’m thinking about another show I’ll be at tonight. It’s summer and I won’t sleep until Fall. That’s all from the Editor’s desk. Until July…

Alex Teitz

June 1st, 2002