Vivian Slade – Vivian Slade

Vivian Slade - Vivian Slade

Vivian Slade – Vivian Slade (IG)

Vivian Slade’s premiere CD is a marvel. The CD is filled with intelligent lyrics, a superb band, and Slade’s powerful vocals. The CD uses different styles from jazz, and blues, to flamenco, and rock. Slade is accompanied by Steve Allen on lead electric guitar, Dow Tomlin on bass, Dennis Wage on on keyboard, Gary Lee Tussing on cello, Brain Fullen on drums and percussion, and many others.

The CD is filled with many amazing performances. Among them are “Fly” a leaving song highlighted by Tussing’s cello, “I Don’t Do It” a song about hope for inner growth done in jazz style highlighted with Phil Rodgers on saxophone, Billy Grammer on harmonica and Sean McCurley on drums and percussion. In addition there’s “Don’t Know Why” a wonderful piece using the flamenco guitar of Mark Godwin.

If the band members were not enough, Slade is impressive alone. Her vocals and acoustic guitar hit you hard. Her lyrics focus on everything from hopelessness in “The Way to Go,” to inner growth in “Move,” to the darkness of the human soul in “Shocking,” and an outer beauty in “Tonight.” Slade is as comfortable singing in spoken word, to a capella, to the full band. Her vocals are not downplayed by the band members, but narrowed, and focused in a clear, direct way.

 Slade makes an immediate rapport with her CD that many should envy for live appearances. FEMMUSIC recommends this CD hands down.

March 1st, 2002