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Local Music


All music is local music. Whether it originates in Brazil, Chicago, Boston or Los Angeles. Local music is all levels and all genres of music. It doesn’t fit one pattern. Making Local Music national music is the hard part. Sometimes what the industry wants, is not what is being done. Then it’s time for the industry to learn.

Whether it be Seattle’s Grunge movement, or Philadelphia’s Hip-Hop/Rap sector making a voice for music locally is the first step towards making it national. When one artist in a local area makes it big, everyone calls it lucky or fate. When a genre in a local area is so avant-guard, and so original that it must attract attention. Why isn’t it??

FEMMUSIC believes a key is local organization. FEMMUSIC was pleased this month to receive notice of Chicago’s Female Artists and Bands (FAB) Showcase. This show specifies a place, people, and a goal. The next step is to make sure the world knows about it.

Publicize any event where you can show a united voice with artists and bands. You show strength in numbers, and have more contacts to work with. Use all of them.

Going local to national with a genre also requires the right people coming. If a dozen label execs are invited (including air fare, accommodations, etc…) you’ll be surprised how much the press and local industry will respond. This, of course, requires money that as a group, can be generated. In addition working with local businesses, and local and state offices should be the norm. On that note, I’ll end.

At press time FEMMUSIC’s November issue was still being finished. Our focus is on women in television and movies. Look for interviews with many professionals in that area during the month. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Alex Teitz
[email protected]

November 1st, 2000