Princess Superstar – CEO

Princess Superstar – CEO

Princess Superstar – CEO (1997 A Big Rich Major Label – now Corrupt Conglomerate)

Princess Superstar is a quick witted, and creative NY rap & hip-hop group. Led by Concetta Kirschner, the princess herself, the band uses a variety of styles that break the mold on what hip-hop is. The rest of the band includes Ski Love Ski on bass, DJ Science Center on turntables and guitar, and Mike Linn on drums.

CEO is a theme CD if there ever was one. Beginning with a short track about a “Receptionist’s Fantasy” the listener hits the glass ceiling and breaks it. Notable tracks include “I’m in Love With the Music Business” a sugary Broadway number that satires the industry, to “Cold Tea, LLC” about a bad band trip to Boston. The title track “CEO” is the driving force on the CD. In it Kirschner tells the listener that she is in charge.

Princess Superstar is not a subtle band. They are face to face with the listener’s ears from beginning to end. If Princess Superstar delivers half of the energy and outrageousness on stage as they do in the studio than the world of hip-hop should watch out. The rules have changed, and there is a new CEO who will take over.

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