Julia Douglass – Fetish for the Underdog

Julia Douglass - Fetish for the Underdog

Julia Douglass – Fetish for the Underdog (1998 Stylus Records)

            Julia Douglass’ CD sits with one, long after the last note has played. Douglass has a unique perspective on the world that her lyrics and vocals translate into visions of song. Douglass’ is backed up by a strong group of musicians including Frank Vilardi on drums and percussion, Bob Packwood on piano, Kenny Brescia on guitar, Ken Richards on guitar and mandolin, Stan Serafin on trumphet, Jamie Candiloro on keyboard, guitar, and Ivan Bodley and Paul Nowinski on electric and double bass.

            Listening to Douglass one is reminded of Tori Amos. Her vocals have a hook to them, and her high notes touch the listener. It is Douglass’ lyrics that capture the listener. From “Do You Think” about the the womens’ liberation movement to “Jenny is a Sponge” about the desensitizing of America’s youth the lyrics speak in a different voice. For example, in “Do You Think” the first chorus begins with “Do you think that burning your bra was really going to get you a piece of the pie?” Even better is the drug lab comparison in “Jenny is a Sponge.” The other songs on the CD are just as strong and include “Beehive” about vanity, “I Can’t Mother You,”  and “Firm Handshake.”

            Julia Douglass is a refreshing, quirky performer. Douglass supports the underdog and the unspoken with Fetish for the Underdog. FEMMUSIC looks forward to more from Douglass in the future. For more information visit http://www.stylusrecords.com

October 1st, 2000