Words from the Editor’s Desk


            Before I begin I must thank some people for whom this issue would not have been possible. They include Bobbie Gale, Lise Beutel, and Michelle Sims.

Last month I talked about press kits and what is expected with them. This month I’m going to talk about the use of humor. Humor, like music, is very subjective. The wrong word or phrase can turn a joke or subtle humor into a degradation of more than just the listener.

Humor can be used in many ways. For example, humorous or satirical songs can often change the tone of a CD. Humorous press kits can cause the reviewer to take notice where they haven’t before. An example that comes to mind is the press photo I received for a band was cartoon bears.

In mid-April I received one of the best examples of humor that draws a reviewer in. The CD is Lucy Mongrel from Joe The CD has some unique press quotes that still stick out in my mind. The CD itself is an eclectic collection of genre mixing that proves experimentation by professionals still exists. This experimentation is bold, powerful and provocative. Joe, one of the best new indie labels, must be complemented for the signing of Lucy Mongrel.

If you choose to use humor on the CD, or in the press kit, be careful. Done correctly it will push your material to the top of the stack. Done incorrectly it may sit forever.

Sincerely,                                                  Alex Teitz    Editor-In-Chief
[email protected]

August 1st, 2000