Nina Storey

Nina Storey – The Soiled Dove – February 26, 2000

By Alex Teitz

When Nina Storey plays in Colorado, it’s more than a show. It’s an event. This stands true more so now than ever. Storey just recently partnered for a nationwide record distribution, has reached a point of local stardom few can match. Tonight was in everyone’s mind, the last time to see Nina at such an intimate venue.

The Soiled Dove was packed both on stage, and in the seats. The audience ranged in ages from the low twenties to mid fifties. All had heard of Nina, but there were many newcomers.

The night began with Frank Schultz, one of the owners of the Soiled Dove, introducing the first group. Schultz told of watching them change over time, and how the Soiled Dove is encouraging local artists with their Sunday night Local’s Launch program. The first act was two members of the band Tinker’s Punishment, Michael and Kenny playing an acoustic set. They were the surprise of the night. Their vocal melodies, and layered guitars were much more captivating than when played electric. Their songs and lyrics were well thought through. “June Cleaver” was a breakup song. “Weekend” was a realization of loneliness. Although Tinker’s Punishment stands a good male band, Michael and Kenny did show amazing depth playing acoustic.

Next up, after another introduction by Schultz, was The Ryan Tracy Band. This is another electric band that was forced to go acoustic. The freedom of this form was best evident in J.D. Sawyer playing acoustic guitar with rhythms and melodies that were broad spanning and right up to the mark. It should not go unnoticed that the new drummer, Michael Rice, although trapped in minimal space, and with a sparse kit that did not even include snares, had great command. FEMMUSIC will watch his progression closely.

The lead singers of the Ryan Tracy Band are Ryan Tracy and Anitra Carr. Their sound is often compared to Natalie Merchant with good reason. The bands’ originals are complex and catchy. That night they included “Will” and “All The Same.” The set also included the cover track for their new CD called “Rain Won’t Stop” which the band was just heading into the studio to record. Look for it soon.

The set wasn’t complete until Ernie Hargett, a manager of The Soiled Dove, got on stage and wowed the audience with “Got My Mojo Working.” Hargett is the hidden jewel at the Dove. Any chance seeing him on stage is a must.

Finally, The Nina Storey Band took to the stage. Nina, dressed in  patterned pants and a black shirt and black jacket, took the audience from the first note and didn’t let go until the encore. Storey has an amazing range and vocal control that does impress those twice her age. Storey played songs from all three of her CD’s including “Change Me,” Her new national single “Let Us Walk,” “Crown,” “If I Was An Angel,” “Better Man,” and “False Ideas.” In all she played for nearly two hours and twenty songs including a new song, “Travel On” which had Nina playing the keyboard. She will soon master it. Early on there were problems with feedback, and Storey did complain of monitor problems as well. Unless one watched for them, the flaws were imperceptible.

Storey is on her way as a national artist. This was a farewell show as much as anything. Next time Storey returns she will rule the marquis of the 3000+ venues versus the Dove’s three hundred.

February 26th, 2000