The Donnas Show Review

By Jeanne Kalosieh

Donna A – lead singer. Donna R – guitar. Donna F – bass. Donna C – drums. Can you be a veteran rock star at the tender age of 19? With three albums under their studded belts, The Donnas are indeed. But they can’t hide the fact that the blood in their veins is spiked with that awkward brand of teenagerness.

At the July 22nd show at Tramps in New York City, Donna A nervously smoothed her hair, Donnas R and F hid behind their long hair, while Donna C just frantically pounded away on her drums. These acts were more endearing than the guitar-smashing fad ever was. The Donnas are not trying to grow up too fast, catch up on life experience, or fool you into thinking they know it all. And, surprisingly enough, they didn’t appear to be bratty, post-Riot Grrls with a score to settle with humanity. They’re just four friends simultaneously indulging in a solid rock n roll band and their hellish young adult years. They complained that the only beers they had to drink were warm, sang about smoking “four leaf clover” with friends, and danced just as much as their audience. This band definitely knows what they’re doing.

The Donnas took to their instruments like an old pair of sneakers, and Donna A worked her thang in a way that would make Axl Rose jealous. The whole night was wild, rambunctious, back-yard rock. Meanwhile, the crowd was shimming, shaking, and shivering throughout the set. Songs from the night included “Hyperactive,” “You Make Me Hot,” “Hook It Up,” “Zero,” and “Shake In The Action.” The foursome returned for an encore which included the hit “Rock N Roll Machine.” For anyone who refuses to mature on time, The Donnas will surely help you keep the party going.


August 1st, 1999