Tish Melton – The Chase

Tish Melton by Jacq Justice

Today, rising singer-songwriter Tish Melton releases her second single “The Chase,” a carefully crafted messy, rock-propelled kiss off track. “The Chase” was produced by Melton’s musical mentor Brandi Carlile and is accompanied by a music video, directed by Jacq Justice.

Tish describes “The Chase” as “angsty and petty and teenage at its core, pretty much an ode to someone who doesn’t care enough to return your calls or return your affection.”

For her new music, she has teamed up with nine-time GRAMMY® Award-winning artist Brandi Carlile, who is a mentor to Tish and joins as producer, after being sent a video of Tish performing via legendary producer Linda Perry. Their musical chemistry is undeniable, rooted in mutual respect, shared taste, and an appreciation for good songwriting and musical catharsis.

Brandi Carlile says of Tish Melton, “Tish is so young and so brilliant. Like most lessons in life, I learned this one while I thought I was teaching it. We should guide youth in music but there’s no question that it should lead. My favorite thing was excitedly trying to explain that all the ‘new sounds’ Tish was into were actually the sounds of my city (Seattle) when I was exactly her age. A wonderful artist can plug you back into past parts of yourself you maybe should’ve stayed connected to?”


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