Lxandra – Might Not Wake Up

Lxandra by Lumi Hartikainen

Today, Finnish alternative pop artist Lxandra shares her immersive, cathartic EP Might Not Wanna Wake Up and the latest potent track and official lyric video “FU4EVER.” Accompanying the full project, the musician will share a self-directed short film due out November 30 that masterfully brings the music to life, inviting viewers into her gripping audiovisual world that explores self-discovery, grief, and healing.

Out today, Might Not Wanna Wake Up, is built upon the ruins of the past versions of Lxandra, capturing an intimate portrait of unfiltered humanity and follows the five stages of grief.

Might Not Want To Wake Up

Lxandra explains the project is “a story on longing and letting go. A return to the ruins of my past and a last goodbye to the one I used to be.” Over six songs that glide between darkness and light, the musician opens up about their experiences with pain and hardship–and what it means to make it to the other side of these challenging moments. Lxandra continues, “Struggling with grief in many different ways made me want to put this EP together. I wanted to dive deep into it and create a fairytale world appreciating all the different stages.” Made intimately in Finland’s countryside or in a quiet home at the piano, the EP is an honest depiction of life’s raw, messy moments that ultimately allow Lxandra to find strength and beauty in who they are today. Alongside the music, Lxandra finds their story best told through visuals, resulting in a captivating self-directed short film to accompany the EP.

“FU4EVER,” also out today, sees Lxandra embrace anger like never before.

Its lyricism is direct and unapologetic, something that Lxandra was initially afraid to pursue, but ultimately felt right. On the building, stirring sonic qualities, the musician explains, “I wanted the production to really support the rawness, anger and drama of the song.” Here, she remains committed to plunging into the depths of humanity through art and to tell her complete truth, even if it scares her.


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