Lindsey Lomis – Handle With Care

Lindsey Lomis by Natalie Sakstrup

Today, Lindsey Lomis, 20-year-old singer, songwriter and artist released “Handle With Care,” a genre bending mix of R&B slow jam and artful electronica, soundtracking Linsey’s vulnerable vocals which soulfully shine.

Accompanying the song, Lomis released a music video, which expands on the metaphor of “handling with care” – artfully depicting her putting her heart in a package, only to have it tossed off buses, kicked down the street and returned back to her.

On the track, Lomis stated: “‘Handle With Care’ is one of my most vulnerable songs. I think of myself as a pretty tough person, or at least I present myself as one. when it comes to relationships that isn’t always a great trait. Letting someone in on who I really am and allowing myself to love someone is a terrifying concept to me. but I want to trust someone with my heart. I want to give them my all even though there’s a big risk of getting hurt. All I can do is hope that they handle me with care.”


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