Enisa – Whatcha Waiting For


Enisa releases “Watcha Waiting For” on Atlantic Records.

“I made ‘Watcha Waiting For’ back in 2021, in a room filled with confidence and energy!” says Enisa. “It’s my first time actually rapping in a song which was new for me. Being a born and raised New Yorker, from Brooklyn specifically, I wanted this song to have swag and energy just like my city. It’s a very upbeat, NYC never-sleep-energy-kinda song. In this song, I’m really feeling myself ‘I’m a top-ten type, I ain’t gotta tell ya,’ and the impatient New Yorker in me really shines through in the repetitive hook, ‘Watcha waiting for? Watcha watcha waiting for?’ My goal with this song was to make a song that sounds like nothing that’s on the radio and something very unique and true to me. My goal with this song was to make it sound like something I could envision a crowd in a stadium singing back to me. World Cup vibes!”


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