Emma Zander – Not A Fairytale

Emma Zander by Sara Kahn

Los Angeles based, alternative pop singer, songwriter and storyteller Emma Zander has shared her latest single, “Not A Fairytale” produced by Jon Lundin (Point North).

“It’s easy to look back on a relationship and only replay the fairytale version. Romanticizing the magical moments, we live in a world that celebrates perfectionism” states Emma. “We see people’s lives and make up a fairy tale version in our heads, without ever really knowing the pain that might be going on underneath. “Not a Fairytale” explores what happens when we take off our masks, and expose the real truth.”

Written on the heels of an emotional breakup, ‘Not a Fairytale’ is a sexy, moody reckoning with what was real and what was purely fantasy. Through the writing process, Emma was able to recognize the reality of the situation for what it was – Not a Fairytale – and reclaim her power by taking control of her own narrative.

“There’s something beautiful about reclaiming a story. Taking something that happened to you, and making it into art, authored with your own words, your own voice, your own unique perspective. To me, this song feels like a reclamation – taking ownership of your own story” shares Emma.

The indie pop queen will be dropping a short film-esque, cinematic masterpiece of a music video on Friday, November 17. The gorgeous yet gut wrenching video looks back at the complicated romance from the rearview mirror through a suspenseful, dreamy lens. The video was directed Kimberly Aboltin


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