Ava King – Worst In Me

Ava King by Serena Doug

“Worst In Me” is “the story of two good people, who, in each other’s presence, become awful, narcissistic bitches.

You can be a good person, but when you’re around certain people, you become the worst in the world,” the Paris born & L.A. based multi-hyphenate artist Aventurina King, known as Ava King, explains about her new single.

“Worst In Me” is like an Anti-Christmas song, an antithesis to holiday cheer, discussing how sometimes it’s those closest to you that bring out your darkest sides. Not everyone has an easy time with family. “I love writing sarcastic songs from the point of view of my shadow self,” King unfolds. The gloom-ridden, yet upbeat track echoes elements of alt-pop icons Lady Gaga, Charli XCX, and Gwen Stefani, while maintaining Ava’s one-of-a-kind, edgy, punk sensibility.

“I was going for a Billie Eilish thing through the minimalistic sound I was piecing together. I’ve always liked that the main aspect to the song is the tri-tone, known as the “Devil’s Interval.” That’s the main synth, so I wanted to create the vibe around that, and to create a holiday song that was realistic and representative of the other side of the holidays. There’s a lot of songs representing loving family and Christmas and cheer, but what about the other side, how awful it can be?” King muses.

“Worst In Me”, was written and produced in Ava’s living room, and from inception to the final mix, flowed through her hands. “I get really triggered sometimes and am not the person I want to be. I feel very separated from my family of origin. The track is about loving somebody but knowing that being around them makes both of you awful– having love for somebody but knowing they’re not good for your health and vice versa,” King vulnerably expounds.

Ava’s upcoming album SEX MONEY GOD (out early February 2024) is about how our society worships false gods, like sex and money, at the expense of the real God, which resides within each of us. I go on the journey of seeking validation and love outside of myself, and slowly, as the album progresses, I learn how to love myself and find love within,” Ava says. She thoughtfully continues, SEX MONEY GOD represents my growth spiritually and emotionally, more than as an artist. Sure, my production might have gotten better, but it’s more about me figuring out what my finite life is about and what to do with the time I have. Western capitalist society teaches us that pleasure and the senses are king, and the person who wins is the person with the most toys. I tried to live my life that way, but it didn’t work for me. This album is about my search for something different.”

Ava King is the new breakout solo artist project from guitarist, pianist, bassist, singer, songwriter, and producer Aventurina King. Having spent a great deal of time and energy creating music tutorials and working on promoting body positivity, mental health and de-stigmatization of therapy and addiction issues, Ava has a newfound drive and focus towards her upcoming record, SEX MONEY GOD.


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