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Pure Bathing Culture

Artist of the Month – November 2023

Pure Bathing Culture are widely beloved for their infectious, cosmic indie pop—the glassy dreamscapes of the Cocteau Twins and the surefire hooks of Fleetwood Mac, infused with hints of chillwave and R&B. In their 10+ years as a band, they’ve released three full length albums & three Eps. Their new album, Chalice, comes out November 10 and features the new single, “The Sun”

Sarah Versprille and Daniel Hindman share: “‘The sun’ is a song about the lengths we go to experience progress, satiety, and hopefully some kind of deliverance from whatever haunts us. it juxtaposes the idea expressed in the river, that love and trust may be enough to achieve a state of grace. Sometimes a situation becomes too dire and when things become unendurable a radical transformation must take place.”


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