Killboy – Sickest Bitch

Former Atlantic Records’ artist Killboy returns with a new single “Sickest Bitch.”

Killboy is Sara Skinner’s alter ego that both parties hard and screws up. We first became addicted to her with “I F*ck Everything Up.”

She explains more about “Sickest Bitch”

“I originally had this idea in my head for months, it came to me one night and i had written it in my bedroom and on walks during the day over a few weeks. I was working with Feldy for a week and by the third or fourth day I told him it was time to do “the best song in the entire world” so we recorded the vocals and some synths and bass and guitars and he finished it up. He killed it. The song started out as a funny story about a made up girl named Stacy trying to steal my boyfriend, but after performing it for two tours it ended up becoming this anthem for becoming the sickest version of yourself! ”


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