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V V Brown

Artist of the Month – August 2023

V V Brown

Artist, mother, activist, journalist and teacher V V Brown, who took a 6 year hiatus from her musical career to attend to her mental health and focus on raising her two young children, makes her very welcome return with the release of her uplifting, thought-provoking anthem “Black British”.

Widely acclaimed British Black artist, V V Brown, who recently returned with two powerful and thought-provoking singles “Black British” and “Twisted” continues her mission to understand and reveal what it means to be Black and British with the release of “Marginalised”. 

The third anthem from the artist’s eagerly awaited album Am I British Yet, “Marginalised” delves into the pressing issue of what it means to be marginalised within the Black community.
“Marginalised” offers another glimpse into the depth and resonance that awaits fans on the full album, an ambitious project which explores themes of identity, belonging, and the shared human experience V V hopes the song, and indeed the rest of the album, will spark real, honest conversations and inspire positive change.

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