SXSW 2023 A-Z Part 1


It’s that time of year again. SXSW where bands from all over the nation, and the world converge. We wish we were featuring every female identifying band at SXSW here but there isn’t time, or storage. Instead we have our top 50 spread out over multiple posts. To see more visit here

ALASKALASKA – ALASKALASKA is a London band mixing indie rock with electronic. Their latest album is Still Life from 2022.  #alaskalaskamusic 

Alexandra Whittingham – Alexandra Whittingham is a classical guitarist from the UK. She became an online hit with her videos reaching millions. #alexguitarist

Amra – Ulaanbaatar raised, rising R&B/soul songstress Amra has recently released her debut album Never as a vinyl. The vinyl is the first to be unveiled independently from a female, R&B artist in Mongolia. #amrashk

Anna Salman – Anna Salman Dar is a bilingual, indie pop singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan. #annasalmandar

Ashli – Ashli is an uncompromising songwriter with the expert calibre of a trained vocalist. Raised in New Jersey and Western Sydney, Ashli makes R&B and pop with real purpose, telling stories that can’t help but be relatable. Where others try to stand out, Ashli seeks unity with her audience and peers, bringing people together by engaging with them on our real, shared human experiences.

ASHY – ASHY (pronounced ‘Ahh-She’) is a pop artist & songwriter from New Zealand. She explores sub-genres of R&B, dance & contemporary. This artist is known for her undeniably catchy hooks, polished vocals and songwriting ability. #ashy_music

9m88 – 9m88 (aka Baba) is a R&B singer-songwriter based in Taipei. #9m88

BALTHVs – BALTHVS is a Colombian psychedelic funk trio formed in December 2019. Best known for their eclectic style, which fuses elements of Middle Eastern Music, Disco, House, Funk, Psychedelia, Indie, , Surf Rock and Cumbia into a cohesive whole.  #bathvsmusic

Bona Fide – Bona Fide is gothic folk, sung with bared breast and played with gems and stones. Sophia Luna’s siren-like voice leads you through the valleys and summits of Emil Palme’s guitar, sometimes ethereal, sometimes dense as the night. With songs of love, loss and magic, Bona Fide is an avantgarde take on the traditions of storytelling in folk music, holding hands with country, goth, and doom americana. #bone.fide.official

Call Me Spinster  – Call Me Spinster began applying their left-of-center arrangements to their own songs, and worked with producer Drew Vandenberg (of Montreal, Faye Webster) on their first EP of original music in 2020. #callmespinster

Cherym – Cherym are built up of three members. Hannah Richardson (she/her), Nyree Dawn (they/them) and Alannagh Doherty (she/they). Travelling from Derry in Ireland to Austin Texas.  #cherymofficial

Child Seat – Child Seat, the powerhouse duo formed in 2021 by Madeleine Mathews (MAWD) and Josiah Mazzaschi (Light FM, Bizou), turns pandemic setbacks into indie rock gold. #childseatmusic

Chroma – CHROMA is a bi-lingual, alt-rock band from Pontypridd. #chromabanduk

Cifika – On her 2020 debut album ‘HANA’, CIFIKA captured nostalgia through earthly elements and spiritual cycles. With her new full-length, ION (out 3/15), she continues to reflect on her lived experiences through otherworldly metaphors, representing the complex feelings that can arise in a relationship through principles of science and fantasy. #cifika

Crawlers – Crawlers is already a frequent player on FEMMUSIC. This Liverpool 4 piece is an in-your-face rock band.  #crawlersband

Criibaby – One night, she dreamed about a floating piano made of psychedelic glowing orbs. So she built it. #criibabymusic

DAT GARCIA – Dat Garcia (ZZK Records) is an Argentinian singer, producer, composer, activist and performer. García’s music and activism focus on female empowerment and the vindication of monstrosity and non-hegemonic beauty. #datgarcia

Desta French – Desta French is Camden born Artist spearheading a new LatinX London sound. Her range of influences span from RnB, Salsa, Cumbia, Latin Jazz and Hip Hop which you can hear peppered all throughout her music – contributing to her colourful catalogue, and unmistakable sound.  #destafrench

Emily Nenni – “What I love about country is the songs can be very honest and vulnerable, yet they’re beautiful enough to make you cry,” she notes. “My music is sweet and sad, but I don’t take myself too seriously. It’s old school honky-tonk with a slightly different flavor.” #emilynenni

Eydis Evensen  – Eydís Evensen, originally from Blönduós in Northern Iceland and now living in Reykjavik, released her debut album ‘Bylur’ in 2021 on new Sony imprint XXIM Records. #eydisevensen



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