Yuna – Y5

Malaysian alt-R&B singer Yuna debuts the highly-anticipated new full-length album Y5, a genre-spanning collection of songs written in the timespan between the pandemic and October 2022, ranging from R&B to soul and moments of disco. Tonight she’ll perform at Peppermint Club in Los Angeles to celebrate release day, and Parish Room at House of Blues in Anaheim tomorrow, November 12, to round out her recent West Coast tour dates.

The culminating Y5 album features four previously unreleased tracks and an interlude as the final installment of her pentalogy of EPs released this year as part of an innovative new release strategy to allow her fans more time to enjoy the music in easily digestible portions. The new songs on Y5 include the subtly uplifting “Relax Your Mind,” her latest single “Can’t Get Over You,” and the vulnerable album closer “Enough.”

“I wanted to make it possible so that the songs have equal attention on them,” Yuna explains. “There is a certain connection on each EP and a theme that’s going on. My goal for each EP is to bring something specific to life. Y1 is very soul, very R&B, but also throwback-y and lo-fi. Y2 is more straight R&B. On the third one, I was inspired by growing up listening to The Cardigans and wanted to do something where I was playing guitar. It all goes back to me doing something I enjoy, instead feeling forced into something that’s a single. I wanted to try just writing from the heart and making something that is 100 percent mine. Every song represents something I love that I want to share with the world.”


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