Okay Kaya – Inside Of A Plum

Okay Kaya

Okay Kaya, aka Kaya Wilkins, shares an intoxicating video for her new single “Inside of a Plum,” a song inspired by ketamine therapy from her upcoming world-building album, SAP, out November 4th on Jagjaguwar.


“The doctor said ketamine treatment could interrupt behavioral patterns by growing new literal physical branches in your brain, providing cognitive flexibility,” Kaya explains. “My doctor described the brain as a snow globe and the treatment as a fresh layer of snow enabling new slopes. Mood-riding.”


11/3 – Oslo, NO @ Blaa Oslo

11/5 – Berlin, DE @ Pitchfork Music Festival Berlin at Festsaal Kreuzberg

11/12 – London, UK @ Pitchfork Music Festival London at Colour Factory

11/15 – Stockholm, SE @ Debaser/Bar Brooklyn

11/19 – Copenhagen, DK @ Hotel Cecil

11/20 – Paris, FR @ Pitchfork Music Festival Paris at Trianon w/ Tirzah

11/26 – Antwerp, BE @ Filter Festival

12/8 – Paris, FR @ Musée d’Orsay (Kaya Wilkins performance)



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